A Proven Compact Alternative for the Traditional Duty

Channel cover access for inspection & maintenance
Free Flow Heat Transfer Channels with gap from 3 up to 30mm.

A combination of the Gasket Plate Heat Exchanger and the Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger combining efficiency, reliability, versatility, accessibility; the All Welded Plater Heat Exchanger labelled & patented under registered trade name PLATULAR®.

Some important features of PLATULAR® 

Backed by 50 years experience in development & manufacture of All Welded Plate Heat Exchangers, BARRIQUAND ECHANGEURS have further improved the PLATULAR® as a fully proven technical choice complying with all your design & process criteria.


Overhead Condensers with or without removable plate-pack Electropolished Unit with access on both streams


AZTECH is appointed as the Exclusive Agent for BARRIQUAND in S.E. Asia Region


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