Our Mission:

Provide significant competitive advantages to customers with superior quality and distinct differences over other competitors so as to make our quality more special, more valuable, more important for their success and become their real value choice.

Always operate with great discipline within our core values, resources, culture and creative to withhold the success factor of Simplicity, Speed and Self-Confidence so as to adapt for the changing of environment and marketplace.

Our Vision:

"To be the Preferred Partner for our target market. "


CEO's Message

“Each project needs to be defined, prioritized, sequenced, scheduled, resourced, executed, tracked, monitored, documented and closed out.”

“However, the ability to discipline and communicate the strategy, drive, planning, align the organization, reduce complexity, expedite issue resolution are critical factors toward success.”

Aztech Heat Exchangers Pte Ltd
No. 3A, Tuas Avenue 8, Singapore 639218 (Main Office & Factory)
No.4, Tuas Avenue 18A, Singapore 638853 (Branch Factory)
Phone: (65) 6861-7757 | Fax: (65) 6861-5595